Discount Card Ordering Guide

How to order discount cards

Since you’ll be ordering your cards before you sell them, it will be important to know how much to order. This is where our discount card ordering guide comes in.

And because you’ll know the size of your order, you can also calculate your fundraising profit. Volume discounts apply.

Your students should be able to sell 5-10 discount cards each. To determine the number of cards to order, multiply the size of your group by your seller goal.

For instance, if a group has 73 students and the sponsor plan to ask each student to sell 8 cards then they would need to order 584 discount cards.

73 students x 8 discount cards / student = 584 discount cards


The group would end up making $2,920.00 profit selling the cards for $10.00 each while making 50% profit (See our discount card pricing & profit table).


584 cards x $10.00 / card = $5,840.00 gross sales


$5,840.00 x 50% profit = $2,920.00 profit

Once you know the size of your group and the number of cards you want each student to sell, use the profit chart below to estimate your fundraising profit:


Discount Card Profit Chart

Sellers2 Card/Seller5 Cards/Seller10 Cards/Seller15 Cards/Seller
25  $1,000.00$1,500.00
50 $1,000$2,500.00$3,750.00
75 $1,500.00$3,750.00$6,187.50
100 $2,500.00$5,500.00$8,250.00

We offer free shipping on your initial order and on any reorders.

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