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Should Your School Use a Lower Priced Fundraising Brochure?

By Clay Boggess on Nov 24, 2018
Should Your School Use a Lower Priced Fundraising Brochure?

A guide to bargain fundraiser brochures

It seems that everyone is looking for something different. If it stands out from the rest in some way then perhaps more people will want it. And when it comes to school fundraisers, the group that is able to offer a unique product or idea they may raise more money. Or at least that’s the plan. Yet many see raising money as an expendable endeavor; therefore, the challenge is making sure that you offer the most appropriate brochure that your community will embrace regardless of price. This is probably even more important.

This then begs the question, should you consider a lower priced fundraising brochure for your next sale?

One thing to consider is gross sales. Brochures that have lower priced items will cost less but to reach the same sales goal, groups will need to sell more items to make up the difference. If you're able to sell the same number of items with a costlier brochure, you'll raise more money. If you're thinking that this may be worth considering, here are some additional things to ponder:

Lower Brochure Pricing Sells More Items

If potential customers were presented with a less expensive brochure, they could afford to purchase more items. This could help increase sales. For example, instead of purchasing 1 item at $13.00 from a more expensive brochure, a purchaser may be more apt to buy 2 items that may cost $6.00 each. This would appear to favor the lower priced fundraising brochure.

More Items Sold Affects Student Prize Programs

Since the majority of student prize programs are based on items sold, not dollars raised per seller, the less expensive brochure would have an advantage. People would be able to purchase additional lower priced items; thus, allowing students to reach higher prize levels. Students may also be encouraged to sell more, since items in the less expensive brochure would be easier to sell.

Low-Cost Brochures Mean Unique Marketing Opportunities

If marketed correctly, a lower priced fundraiser brochure could make an impact, especially in lower socioeconomic areas where money is an issue. An additional note could be sent home to parents letting them know that a new, less expensive brochure was being used this year to help make purchasing items easier. This could spark additional sales for your group.

Tired of the Same Fundraising Brochure

People may be tired of the same brochure every year and may welcome something new. Whether you decide to offer a lower priced fundraising brochure or not, people will continue to buy as long as the price is right.

Which way do you feel would be best for your school and why?

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