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Should We Even Consider a Brochure Fundraiser?

By Clay Boggess on Dec 15, 2011
Should We Even Consider a Brochure Fundraiser?

How to know if a brochure sale will work for your school

Are you sure that a brochure sale is the right solution for your next school sale? When it comes to selecting a campaign, there are several things you will want to consider. For instance, should you invest the time and effort into your own in-house program, like a school carnival, or do something completely different and work with a fundraiser catalog company?

One advantage to working with a company is much of the legwork has been done for you. Of course, there are also reasons why schools choose to design their own program, but let’s assume that you’ve already decided to work with a brochure company.

Available Selling Methods

Companies basically offer groups two primary methods to help them raise money. One way is to have students and parents show a brochure to friends and family. The school then submits their orders to the company for processing. We refer to this as the order taker method. In this case, payment to the company is usually made after the merchandise is received by the school. Another option is to offer products for purchase by the school at wholesale prices. Schools can prepay or submit a purchase order. Sellers then take the actual products around and offer them to potential buyers. This is known as ‘direct selling’ or ‘point of sale purchasing’ because the group sells the actual product to the customer and collect the money in a single transaction. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method so let’s look at both:

Order Taker Brochure Fundraising


  • Customers have a larger selection of items to choose from.
  • Groups only pay based on the orders that have been generated.
  • Money is not due to the company until after the money has been collected by the group.
  • Most companies offer prize programs to motivate groups to sell.


  • People don’t have the actual product in their hands to show potential supporters.
  • Sellers must visit their customers twice; once to take their orders, and a second time to deliver the items.

Direct Sale Wholesale Fundraisers


  • People get to see the actual item before they have to pay for it.
  • Sellers can make a sale and hand over the item in one visit.
  • Items typically cost less.


  • Groups must purchase the product upfront, unless they are able to obtain a purchase order.
  • Groups have to determine how much product to order before they sell it.

Deciding on the best fundraiser for your group may not be easy; however considering the pros and cons can help.

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