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How to Improve School Fundraiser Participation

By Clay Boggess on Jan 12, 2012
How to Improve School Fundraiser Participation

How to get more students to participate and improve sales

Many sponsors are looking for ways to improve school fundraiser participation. There are many reasons why students choose not to sell. Perhaps they're too busy, parents don’t want them to sell or the prize program was not that appealing.

However, if sponsors realized how much money their group could raise just by increasing participation, they would focus more on student involvement.

For example, take a smaller high school group with 40 students. Even though this is a smaller group, if each student sold just 10 brochure items they would profit around $1,600. Sales results from elementary schools could be even more dramatic. If 500 students sold just 5 items each, they would earn about $10,000 profit. Here are things that you can do to get more students to sell and increase the amount of money that your fundraiser brings in.

Offer a Better Prize Program

If your students aren’t motivated by your current prize program, perhaps you need to look at more creative options. We have found a significant increase in participation whenever schools switched from a more traditional prize plan to one of our big event fundraising prize programs. Not only were students more interested in this type of motivation, but parents were as well. High school sports teams seem to be more interested in sportswear as an incentive.

Remind Students to Participate

Some schools become overconfident because their students appear excited right after the kickoff. The enthusiasm can quickly subside and people will soon forget about selling unless they are reminded. The worst thing that can happen is not hearing about the sale again until it’s time to turn in the money. If you don’t have a plan in place to periodically remind your sellers to sell, you may be unpleasantly surprised once the money has been counted.

Offer Additional Fundraising Incentives

Schools that offer additional incentives always achieve higher participation than those who don’t. Even if you think that daily reminding your students to sell is enough, you can still do more. For instance, you can offer periodic prize drawings and have students turn in prize coupons. Make sure that you promote your prizes as often as possible during your sale.

You only have a limited time available to raise money. Why not go all out while you have the opportunity? The best way to improve sales is to increasing seller participation.

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