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3 Exciting School Fundraising Ideas that Improve Sales

By Clay Boggess on Aug 25, 2015
3 Exciting School Fundraising Ideas that Improve Sales

Improve sales using motivational incentives

If you think you have a great sales brochure, you’re only half way there. Finding ways to get your students to show it to their friends and family is the other half. You can’t have one without the other. Therefore a strong prize program is imperative to your fundraising success.

There is a big difference between the prize program and the prize flyer. Many people think they’re one in the same. By introducing a prize flyer to your students, you’re simply handing them a piece of paper with some incentives on it.

A prize program, on the other hand, is much more encompassing. By definition, a program is a planned series of events. Therefore, a comprehensive incentive plan is interactive, dynamic and ongoing.

A sponsor that employs a prize program offers incentives during their fundraiser to help promote the importance of continuous selling, as well as afterwards. Most sponsors only reward students after they’ve sold. To take your sale to another level you have to be willing to offer additional incentives. Here are 3 fun school fundraising ideas that will improve your sales.

1. The Free Dress Day Fundraiser Incentive

If your school allows it, the free dress day enticement is a powerful selling motivator. Although this incentive is usually more effective for schools with stricter dress codes, it can still work well for most any fundraiser. You can reward it during your sale by having students turn in prize coupons, or afterwards for the top 20 overall sellers, for example. You also need to make sure and enforce appropriate dress by laying down some guidelines.

Another variation of the free dress day is to allow students to wear their favorite hat for a day.

2. Offer a Credit at the School Store

If you have a school store, why not use it to bring in more sales? You’re actually getting the best of both worlds by promoting both your fundraiser and your store. You can allow students to accumulate store points based on sales made that can go towards store credit. Think of it this way, you’ll make a lot more off each brochure item than what you’ll give up for a store item in exchange.

3. Bonus Recess Time

This is an example of an additional way to reward the top selling class. You can offer this after all sales are in, or you can reward it to the class who turns in the most prize coupons on given days during your sale.

There’s an endless number of additional incentives that can be personalized to meet your own unique needs. Yet if you really want to get the most out of your extra fundraiser prize ideas, you need to also promote them throughout your sale.

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