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Getting Free Big Event Fundraising Programs is Easy

By Clay Boggess on Jul 8, 2014
Getting Free Big Event Fundraising Programs is Easy

Tips on how to get your big event paid for

Schools that are using our big event fundraising prize programs understand why they increase fundraising sales. Traditional prize programs require students to sell a lot of items before they can win the better prizes.

On the other hand, big event incentive plans are different because they offer the most exciting reward at the easiest prize level.

Once students realize that they can win something worthwhile and exciting with minimal selling effort, they become more optimistic and enthusiastic about participating. It’s no secret that big event prize programs get more students to sell which leads to improved sales. See the big event fundraising difference.

Yet, to bring a large event to a school isn’t cheap. As a result, sponsors understand that there’s a prorated cost share involved if a certain sale minimum isn’t reached. However, we’ve found that most schools end up reaching their goal. And once you understand why, it can be relatively easy for your school as well.

You Need to Leverage Your Primary Asset

We’ve said it before. The biggest fundraising asset that you have is your student enrollment. The key is to get more of them to sell. An average size elementary school may have 500 students. Even if you can get half of them to sell just 8 items, you can bring in as much as $25,000 or more, which exceeds the amount required to earn a free big event.

To see if your school qualifies without having to share in the cost of bringing in an event, multiply your enrollment by $12, which is the average price in the brochure. Then, multiply that number by the minimum number of items required to gain admission. For parties it’s 8 and for shows it’s 5. Keep in mind that some students will sell more than others. But as long as you reach $25,000 in total sales, you’ll receive your event at no cost.

Big Events Are About the Average Seller

Unfortunately most prize programs are only geared towards the top sellers, but offer very little to the majority of your students. On the other hand, big event prize programs focus on everyone. Reaching your sales goal is not about your top sellers, it’s about increasing the number of average sellers. As long as there are higher prize levels, your big producers will produce regardless. This may also motivate some to sell more than they ordinarily would; however the sales that hurt you are the ones you don’t get. Big event incentives address this by getting more students to sell by offering an exciting incentive in exchange for reaching an easily obtainable seller goal.

Promoting a New Fundraising Motivator

In reality your prize program isn’t going to make or break your sale; it’s the ability to maintain the enthusiasm of your students over the course of your fundraiser. Many students have grown tired of the same incentive program they had last year so if you’re able to offer something new and different, it’s easier to keep their attention. You can stimulate optimism by continuing to talk about how easy it is to attend an event while consistently showing your promotional video throughout your campaign. If you do this effectively, you should be well on your way to a successful sale.

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