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Teaming Up to Improve Discount Card Sales

By Clay Boggess on Feb 5, 2015
Teaming Up to Improve Discount Card Sales

2 ways to enhance the selling of your discount cards

Creating rivalries can be good for sales. It makes selling fun while bringing out the best in your students. Competition requires separating your students into teams. Your group may already be divided into teams. For example, you may be in charge of a youth sports fundraiser for your little league. If so, you’re ready to get started.

Even if you aren't a part of a sports league, you should consider dividing up your group into teams. Be sure each team is fairly represented and that you also pick effective team leaders that will encourage their teammates to make more discount card sales.

Track Discount Card Sales Progress

We offer a discount card fundraiser tracking sheet that can be used to monitor your ongoing sales. Encourage your teams to turn money in for sold cards on a daily basis. Then you can record and post the progress as you go. This will also encourage the prompt collection of money once you've distributed your cards.

Offer Team-Based Selling Incentives

Incentives can unite your teams to compete and work harder on your fundraiser. Here are some ideas that will improve discount card sales:

  1. A free pizza party at a local pizza shop. If you assure them of some publicity, the pizza shop may even donate the pizzas.
  2. A trip to a professional ballgame. Some groups, like Little League and Girls’ Softball Leagues, have taken the winning team to a nearby, professional ballgame.
  3. A ‘beans and steak banquet’. Some groups that have facilities available will set up a beans and steak banquet to conclude the sales campaign. During the meal the winning teams get to eat steak (or hamburgers), and the losers have to be satisfied with a bowl of beans or chili.

Teaming up to sell discount cards will allow you to maximize your profit in less time.

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