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4 Creative Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

By Clay Boggess on Jun 1, 2018
4 Creative Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

How to creatively give to meet teacher-specific needs

The fundamentals of teaching are to instruct a child in a particular curriculum. But for the men and women who chose this profession, it is so much more. From spending their own money to provide students with classroom materials to staying late to help a student grasp a concept, these often-undervalued professionals show a passion and selfless dedication and commitment to educating our children. Teachers have an inner drive to not only teach their students, but to enrich and better their students’ lives. They leave an indelible mark on who we are.

We all have at least one teacher we remember who made a difference. And since the 1980s the nation has been recognizing the lasting contributions of these educators with Teacher Appreciation Week. So take a few moments and show your child’s teachers how much you appreciate them with four creative ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Take the gift card to the next level

It’s true that teachers love gift cards. Who doesn’t? They’re easy to purchase, are always the right size and don’t require much thought. And that’s the thing… they can often become an impersonal afterthought. Take the time to get to know your child’s teacher and find out what they like or need, then select a card that takes into account that information. But, instead of putting the gift card in an envelope, make the presentation of the card part of the gift. So, if your child’s teacher is crazy about ice cream, get a gift card to a supermarket or local ice cream parlor. Place the card in a sundae dish and include sprinkles, chocolate sauce and other toppings the teacher may like.

Give a subscription

Teachers are busy. In addition to the time in class, they often spend long hours preparing lesson plans and grading assignments. That can often leave little time for taking care of grocery shopping or cooking. Consider giving your child’s favorite teacher a meal plan or grocery delivery subscription. These time-savers can help give your teacher a much-needed break from household duties.

Hold a fundraiser

Teachers often pay for their own materials. Enlist the help of other parents in your child’s class to raise money to purchase much-needed items. Perhaps you could also hold a school fundraising program to raise money for supplies, or a “time and talent” fundraiser to recruit some volunteer time. Teachers often need additional help in the classroom. Parents can donate their time to helping clean up or volunteering in other ways that make your teacher’s life a little easier.

Remember them at graduation

As our children grow and move from grade to grade, the teachers often get left behind. Each teacher who has educated your child has helped your child get closer to graduation day. What better way to say “Thank you for helping my child grow” than sending a picture of the proud grad with a note from you and one from your child letting the teacher know the impact they’ve made.

Teacher appreciation is officially celebrated one week a year. Let’s do what we can to appreciate them every day.

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