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The Benefits of Doing Gift Card Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on May 28, 2014
The Benefits of Doing Gift Card Fundraisers

One convenient alternative to a brochure sale

There are advantages to doing gift card fundraisers instead of a conventional brochure sale. Perhaps you don’t want to have to deal with a delivery, or there is no place to store merchandise if you have students who don’t pick up their boxes on time. Furthermore, items from a brochure occasionally need to be replaced. You won't need to deal with physical replacements if you're selling gift cards.

And not only will gift cards make your delivery easier, they’re often perceived in a positive light by both your supporters as well as their recipients. In other words, the cards can be used either by the purchaser, or given to family and friends as a gift.

Greater Customer Convenience

Your customers are able to redeem their cards when they’re ready and at their convenience. They can decide when they want the product and where they want it delivered. In addition, shipping is included in the price.

Broader Sales Base

You can reach out to a broader customer base because customers can use the card for themselves directly or give it to someone else as a gift.

Greater Selling Flexibility

You can use a gift card fundraiser as a brochure sale or sell them direct. One method allows your group to use the brochure to take orders and collect money up front, and then delivery the cards once you’ve receive them. With the direct sale approach you could order the cards up front and sell them directly to your customers.

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