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School Fundraising Planning Tips for PTOs

By Clay Boggess on May 21, 2018
School Fundraising Planning Tips for PTOs

Leverage your school’s volunteers for fundraising success

Another school year is winding down, but for the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), it’s already time to start planning for fall. Many schools rely heavily on these volunteer associations to run key school initiatives, such as parent nights, field days, and of course, school fundraisers.

Spring and summer are great times to prepare your PTA or PTO for an outstanding fall fundraiser. Here are some tips to get you on the right track to raise more money to help meet your schools’ educational and extracurricular goals.

Have a Dedicated Fundraising Role

School fundraisers are major undertakings that require concentrated time and dedication. Rather than subdividing this work amongst a number of PTO/PTA members, consider the creation of a dedicated fundraising chair role (if one doesn’t already exist). Members from other roles can be part of the fundraising chair’s committee, but the having a point-person can facilitate decision-making.

A school fundraising chair can be responsible for:

  • Selecting the right brochure fundraiser for your school.
  • Choosing appealing prize programs for participating fundraisers.
  • Coordinating marketing and logistics.

Creating a PTA/PTO role specifically for fundraising can also help ensure that someone with passion and dedication steps into this important function. This energy will be important in fostering engagement and participation from students and volunteers.

Choose a Great Brochure Fundraiser

The job of selecting a school fundraising program often falls to the PTO/PTA. It’s a good idea for these groups to educate themselves on the different types of fundraisers and what individual vendors offer.

For example, Big Fundraising Ideas takes a turnkey approach. We offer schools everything they need, so that parents and teachers can focus on driving participation and spreading awareness, rather than worrying about small details and tedious logistics. From order forms to marketing materials, many of our product and brochure fundraisers cover everything you need to get started.

Additionally, we strive to offer schools the best fundraising brochures in the business. Our fall shopper brochures are especially popular, because they include quality, practical goods at an accessible price point. Gourmet kitchenware, artisan chocolates, and customized accessories are just some examples of what you’ll find inside our fall shoppers. Customers can also choose classic favorites, like magazine subscriptions and wrapping paper. These are ideal for gift-giving seasons and holidays.

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a winning brochure for your school’s fundraising program. Your PTO/PTA should take time to educate your group on options, and then consider the benefits of each for participation and for your goals. The more excited your students get about what they’re offering, the more likely they are to engage and participate. At the end of the day, this means higher profit for your school.

Select an Exciting School Fundraising Prize Program

When PTO/PTA groups select a fundraising brochure, they will also select the prize program component of the school fundraiser. This incentive consideration is particularly important if your school has been struggling with fundraising participation.

Your parent organization’s fundraising committee should consider the advantages of a Big Event Prize Program. These prizes offer students the chance to attend an exciting and even educational experience where they can celebrate success and make memories with friends. With low item requirements, more students will be encouraged to sell and participate. Big Events also include a staggered incentive structure, so students will still be able to enjoy all the fun and competition of a traditional prize program. It’s a win-win for schools and students!

From the Super Splash Party to the Reptile Adventure, students will be encouraged to participate. Schools across the country have seen up to 300% increases in profits by implementing these exciting prize programs. Additionally, the ease of these programs will decrease the workload on your parent organization.

As your PTO or PTA prepares to raise money next season, download our free fundraising tips eBook from our school fundraising tips page.

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