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4 Fundraising Brochure Gifts for Thanksgiving

By Clay Boggess on Oct 18, 2017
4 Fundraising Brochure Gifts for Thanksgiving

Discover unique, high-quality gifts that earn big money

Fall school fundraising has major appeal because it presents a convenient opportunity for customers to get their holiday shopping done the easy way. Our fall-focused fundraising brochures offer an amazing array of gifts that are perfect for a season of cooking, entertaining, and gift giving.

Check out these unique, high quality gifts available in our well-reviewed brochure fundraisers that will earn your school big money.

Millie Market Apron

Prepping a thanksgiving meal is far from a clean task. If you haven’t used every dish in your kitchen, chances are, something might be missing from the table. However, a labor-intensive meal doesn’t mean you have to make a mess out of your wardrobe.

Turn the kitchen into a fashion-forward space with the personalized Millie Market Apron. Indigo and red plaid with a delicate bow accent gives this kitchen apron a sense of festive tradition perfect for holiday entertaining. Comfortable straps and two concealed pockets make this stylish kitchen accessory even more functional. Check it out in our Kitchen & Home by Charleston Wrap fundraising brochure.

Chop, Slice and Spiralize Pro

Mashing potatoes, wedging apples, cubing sweet potatoes; prepping for Thanksgiving is a serious workout. Speed up the process and eliminate some effort by rewarding yourself with the Chop, Slice, and Spiralize Pro.

Multi-function tools are certainly nothing new to the kitchenware category, but with 9 different options for food-prep, this one device leads the pack in practicality. A soft grip and non slip base ensure your safety while adding comfort, and the included cleaning tool allows you to quickly prep one setting for use with another food item. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your fresh fruits, veggies and herbs are ready for pies, stuffings and seasoning. Find it in Home & Kitchen, a brochure fundraiser that offers schools up to 50 percent of profits!

Vintage Melamine Plates

Fundraise with fanciful taste when you offer customers this gorgeous rustic dinnerware. Melamine is a sturdy material that is perfect for hearty Thanksgiving meals. A stunning crackle effect will give your special meal a down-home farm-to-table feel while still offering the elegance of a sophisticated Thanksgiving table setting.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about forks and knives ruining these 9” dining plates; a heavy glaze adds an attractive gloss that makes them scratch resistant and perfect for cutting through a tender piece of turkey. See them in The Gift Collection.

Slate Striped Hand Towels

A Thanksgiving meal has no shortage of flour, butter, eggs and seasoning to keep your hands and counters messy. Accent the Millie Market Apron with a sleek set of personalized cotton hand-towels. Striped and tartan designs make these modern towels a beautiful and understated kitchen accent that will add a festive, yet neutral touch to your kitchen all year. Even better—they’re machine washable, so you can simply throw them in the hamper when you’re done cooking for easy clean up. Get a set from The Gift Collection fundraising brochure.

Outstanding products are another amazing reason why fundraising brochures are a great option for helping your school meet it’s funding needs. When you purchase or sell any of these Thanksgiving gifts, schools will retain at least 40% of the total cost! That’s what we call Thanksgiving.

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