Ken Northridge

Magic Performer Ken Northridge

Ken Northridge has been performing magic shows for 35 years. He has performed in many venues, corporate and private, throughout the Northeast and has received an award from his peers as ‘Best Children’s Entertainer'. But his real passion is motivating students to make the right choices in life.

Dedicated to influencing children’s character, his 300+ performances every year feature a unique blend of fun and education. He uses magic as a memorable visual aid and comedy as a retention tool, an approach that educators have called “a prime example of how effective instruction that teaches as it pleases can be.” The magic simply entertains young people while important lessons are being interjected, creating an ideal learning situation. Bullying, anger-management, character education and nutrition are some of the topics that are interwoven with the magic and comedy.

With Northridge's magic, the learning is fun! With his comedy and audience participation it’s remembered! And because it’s Ken Northridge, it’s positively motivating!

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