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Magic Show Performers

Magic Show Performers

Add a little magic to your fundraiser

The Big Event Magic Show is a one of a kind fundraising incentive program that's designed to motivate your students to reach and exceed your financial goals. We provide an exclusive program that combines excitement and awe along with a strong educational component.

In addition, we've hand-picked the most talented and highly qualified magic show performers from around the country to provide your students with the best experience possible.

When combining our magic show prize program with one of our brochures, you'll have the unique opportunity to bring in an exciting curriculum-based assembly at no charge as opposed to hiring the performer at full price. Plus, your students will be motivated to raise a lot of money by selling out of your brochure.

Magic Show Goals & Philosophies

Our shows are designed to meet your schools specific needs. We offer programs on reading, life skills, character development, drug prevention and substance abuse, bullying and gangs, recycling, and internet safety. All of our assemblies are entertaining and educational. Each program combines humor, magic, and lots of student involvement. These are all important qualities that mean a job well done for you.

Our Performers Don't Just Entertain

All presenters undergo a rigorous application process and must meet our high level of educational requirements. Our performers aren't just entertainers; they're educators who deliver curriculum-based entertainment programs. In other words, we only hire the best presenters so your students will get the best program available.