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3 Easy to Make Fundraising Kickoff Mishaps to Avoid

By Clay Boggess on Sep 1, 2015
3 Easy to Make Fundraising Kickoff Mishaps to Avoid

Learn from mistakes made by other sponsors

If you don’t establish a strong foundation for your school fundraiser it won’t reach its full potential. In order for things to go smoothly, effective planning and foresight are necessary long before your actual fundraising kickoff date. Sales campaigns are difficult enough; the last thing you want to have to deal with are unplanned mishaps.

When still in the fundraising planning stages, you should also think through any potential issues that may arise. For example, what are the ramifications of accepting personal checks for payment? By thinking through both the pros as well as the possible cons, you’ll be better prepared to handle anything that may arise.

Here are 3 easy to make fundraising kickoff mistakes that you can avoid having to make.

1. Failing to Notify Parents about your Fundraiser

As more schools start their fundraisers earlier and earlier, providing advanced notice to parents in increasingly difficult. However, your parents need to know what’s coming. Doing this serves 3 purposes. First, it provides an opportunity to introduce your sale from a promotional standpoint. Second, it gives parents a heads up on what to expect inside their students backpack on kickoff day. And third, it’s common courtesy. After all, you’re asking them to help with your fundraiser. You don’t want parents to be caught off guard.

2. Handing out Fundraising Packets too soon

Any elementary school sponsor who’s ever made the mistake of handing out their fundraising packets to their students at their kickoff meeting can tell you what happens next. You’ve just finished getting them excited about the prizes during your presentation. Students will naturally be curious and want to know what’s inside. Before you know it, flyers are everywhere as packets are opened up and taken out and you have a mess on your hands.

Instead, distribute the packets to your teachers and ask them to hand them out just before their students go home for the day. This way they won’t have time to lose important information.

3. No First Day Fundraising Goal

Many sponsors simply ask their students to go out and sell as much as they can. What does this mean anyway? This is a typical request but unfortunately it’s ambiguous at best. Most students will tune out when they hear this because they’ve heard it so many times.

Rather, just before the end of your presentation, ask your students to go home and try to sell 1 item by tomorrow. Incorporating this strategy helps you create early sales momentum. This is also a great opportunity to do prize drawings during your sale. To be eligible to win, students must sell a certain number of items. You can have your first drawing the very next day after your kickoff.

Having a successful school fundraising kickoff is not just about what you hope will go right, but what potential mishaps you plan to avoid as well.

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