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Why Additional Fundraiser Incentives Work

By Clay Boggess on Jan 31, 2013
Why Additional Fundraiser Incentives Work

Why your fundraiser can use a profit booster

Our primary purpose is to help sponsors achieve their sales goals. At the very least, sponsors should be combining a good prize program with their sales brochure.

However, we feel that sponsors should be doing even more to help maximize sales. Additional fundraiser incentives are designed to complement prize programs by enticing students who already participate to sell more. And, in many cases they can even entice nonparticipating students to get involved as well. Most groups that use additional incentives are pleased with their results. So why do additional incentives work?

Incentives Create Additional Sales

The difference between prize programs and additional incentives is prizes from the prize program are not rewarded until the end of the sale. Once the sale is over, your students can no longer impact the sale. So why not motivate students to sell even more during the sale, before it’s too late?

More Prize Opportunities Affect Additional Sellers

When students see their fellow classmates winning prizes or special privileges, they are motivated to become involved as well. For example, when schools participate in our Prize Drawing Incentive Game, sponsors are supposed to announce the winners. The intent is to have the drawings so everyone can see or hear what’s going on. Students who see others winning prizes or privileges are more apt to want the same thing.

Fundraising Incentives can be Free

You can make more without having to spend any money. Many people are happy to get a return on their investment. When you can increase your earnings without having to invest financially, you can net even more profit. You only need your time and a little creativity.

How to improve sales without using money

By also incorporating additional fundraiser incentives into your sale, you are working toward maximizing your potential earnings with fewer sales campaigns. This approach is better for your students as well as your community.

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