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5 Steps to Achieving Your Fundraiser Goals

By Clay Boggess on Dec 29, 2011
5 Steps to Achieving Your Fundraiser Goals

Simple steps to school fundraising success

Every organization would like to run a successful sales campaign, but many don’t realize the fundamental steps involved that will help ensure they achieve their objectives.

For example, it’s essential that groups set a specific sales goal up front so they can establish a baseline for their success. Then they’ll need to have a plan in place that helps them reach it like goal tracking and accountability.

Here are 5 steps that you’ll want to incorporate into your sale that will help you achieve your fundraiser goals:

1. Establish Your Reason for Selling

It is important that everyone works towards a specific purpose or goal. Don’t just raise money and determine how you'll spend it afterwards. Some schools will see how much they can raise and then decide where they will use the earnings. This is never a good idea because you will come across as indecisive and noncommittal.

2. Calculate Your Fundraiser Goals

Will your goal be accomplished with one fundraiser or do you need to have multiple sales? Knowing how much money you will need to raise and then communicating your goal will add credibility to your cause.

3. How much will Students need to Sell?

Do your students and parents know what’s expected of them? It’s important that you determine their individual fundraiser goal. This way, they'll know how much they need to sell to help your group reach its objective.

4. Have a Sales Kickoff Meeting

In order for your fundraiser to be successful, your students need to be unified and feel that they are working together. Your kickoff is where you establish the foundation for your sale by communicating your goals and expectations.

5. Keep Your Students Motivated

We recommend meeting with your group as often as possible to ensure that they are working towards their goal. It’s even better if you are able to provide additional incentives during your meetings. Groups that are able to keep their students engaged during the sale always end up experiencing better results.

Success takes planning and hard work. Putting a little effort into your sale will most likely pay larger dividends in the end. It might even help prevent having to do another fundraiser later on.

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