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3 Reasons Why Selling Jewelry Brings Buyers

By Clay Boggess on Apr 25, 2014
3 Reasons Why Selling Jewelry Brings Buyers

Learn the advantages to selling jewelry

Regardless of religion, race or culture, jewelry has been embraced worldwide for tens of thousands of years. The reasons it’s worn and loved by many are numerous. Some wear it for fashion while for others it holds sentimental worth.

Among other things, we value it as a way to make a statement about things that are important to us or to simply complement an article of clothing that we happen to be wearing for the day.

Trends, as well as the way jewelry is made, have changed with time, but the fact remains that it continues to be universally loved by all walks of life. Here are 3 reasons why selling jewelry will bring buyers to the table.

1. Jewelry Makes a Statement with Buyers

Jewelry shows personal accomplishment and people enjoy expressing what’s important to them. Some examples include:

  • Expressing value in something important
  • Showing affection for a significant other
  • Improving their wardrobe or appearance

2. Older Students relate to Jewelry

When fundraising, it’s important to be able to establish a niche audience. When selling for their high school fundraiser, students prefer to approach their peers and jewelry gives them the perfect vehicle. Many older students are into self-expression. In addition, jewelry items are affordable as several students will readily have cash on the spot.

3. Fewer Fundraiser Groups are selling Jewelry

Most groups are out showing the large variety brochures so the competition will not be as great for those selling jewelry. Even though many of the larger brochures also contain a little jewelry, the selection is limited. A brochure that specializes in jewelry will have a large variety of items that people would be looking for.

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