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Why Tracking Fundraiser Progress is Useful

By Clay Boggess on Oct 13, 2012
Why Tracking Fundraiser Progress is Useful

The best way to reach your fundraising goal

Sponsors would love to simply hand out their student packets at the start and then count the money at the end. It would be nice if it was that easy. Ideally, students would read through the information on their own and then perfectly follow every step. Is this reality? Probably not.

Fundraising is hard work and unfortunately there is nothing available that will make it any easier. You might think that you’ve picked a great sales brochure that will get buyers attention. Or perhaps you believe that your students will automatically embrace your sale because you think they should be motivated by the purpose. Ultimately, if you want success, properly tracking fundraiser progress made by your sellers will make the difference.

No one wants to reach the end of their sale only to find out that they didn’t reach their sales goal. This is why you need to keep track of how your students are progressing. Does this create more work for you? Yes, but we feel that in the end it's worth the time and energy.

How to Tracking Fundraiser Progress

Every high school sponsor receives our sales progress tracker that allows them to enter their student information. Based on your sales goal, the tracker breaks your sale into 3 smaller check-in day goals. For example, if your students need to sell 10 total items, your check-in day goals might look like:

  • Day after kickoff goal = 3 items
  • Mid-sales goal = 7 items
  • End goal = 10 items

We recommend that you check order forms the day after your kickoff because it helps to create a sense of urgency in the minds of your sellers. You can also have them show you their money collection envelopes to ensure that they're also collecting the money. This is important because most sales are made within the first 3-4 days.

Student are Obligated to Sell

Students will need to bring their order forms and money envelopes on your assigned check-in days so you can enter the number of items sold into your tracker. Your tracker will do the calculations for you and determine how well your students doing. This will encourage them to keep up with the sale.

Sponsor Fundraising Tips

You can get the most out of your check-in days by:

  • Reminding your students the day before each check-in day to bring their order forms and money envelopes
  • Entering their sales data on the spot
  • Continually encourage them to sell

Your check-in days are also a great opportunity to incorporate additional incentives. The money game works well with high school students.

Successful sponsors work hard and seize the opportunity to raise money. In the end they have peace of mind as they move onto something else.

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