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Why You Should Track Your Fundraiser Progress

By Clay Boggess on Apr 18, 2013
Why You Should Track Your Fundraiser Progress

Learn why tracking your group's sale leads to success

If you’re like most people, you want a fundraiser that requires the least amount of work as possible but that will still yield strong sales results. Ideally, the goal is to find something that’s eye-catching that people in the community will want to purchase, while hoping that everyone's out there working hard to bring in as many sales as possible.

At least this is how it would probably work in a best case scenario. In reality, while finding a good product to sell is important, ultimate success usually comes through finding ways to execute your sales plan.

Here are some reasons why you should make the effort to track your fundraiser progress.

Hope your Students Sell?

However, how do you know if your students are selling? Your kickoff meeting is over, you feel confident your students understood the process and seemed eager to get started. You reminded your sellers to turn in their order forms and money envelopes the day before everything was due. Then it hits. You discover that only about 15% of your students actually sold anything at all and only about 10% of those who sold reached their sales goal.

What happened? Your initial confidence and peace of mind quickly changes to a feeling of frustration and disappointment. Could this have been prevented? If only you had known sooner that your students were off to a slow start. You might have been able to turn things around before it was too late. A lot can happen between the kickoff and the end of the sale. Students can lose focus or become distracted with other things that are calling for their attention.

How to be sure they’re Fundraising

To help avoid this from happening we recommend that high school groups track their fundraiser progress. Is it more work to track your sale? Absolutely, but considering the alternative it may be worth it. High school groups should be checking their students order forms and money envelopes at 3 different stages of the sale, the day after the kickoff, half way, and at the end. However, this only works if you remind your students the day before each check in day to have their materials ready to present.

Why Track your Fundraiser Progress?

Here are the benefits to tracking the progress of your sale:

  • Students are held accountable to keep up with their selling.
  • Early detection of sales progress allows you to make needed adjustments before it’s too late.
  • Students know you're serious about them reaching their goal.
  • You can incorporate additional incentives that coincide with your check in days.

Time is a precious resource. Why not put everything into making your next fundraiser as successful as possible? After all, once it’s over there’s no turning back.

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