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How Sportswear Boosts High School Fundraising Sales

By Clay Boggess on Jul 5, 2012
How Sportswear Boosts High School Fundraising Sales

How sportswear prizes help high school groups

Older students are typically skeptical and hard to please when it comes to sales incentives. In most cases traditional prize programs that offer the familiar toys and trinkets won’t faze them like they did when they were younger.

Many sponsors realize this and don’t even offer a prize incentive. This is not recommended because all students will sell more if they are properly incentivized.

Offering sportswear prizes can encourage more sales because it will promote team unity and school spirit while providing something unique and different from what students are used to seeing with the typical incentive plan.

Plus, sportswear provides a higher quality option. If you're looking for high school fundraising ideas that can bring in more sales, sports apparel may be the solution.

In addition to the fact that there is an increased increased demand for sportswear, here's why you may want to consider using sports apparel for your group.

2 Types of Sportswear Prize Programs

Since we offer 2 primary sportswear prize programs, sponsors need to pick the one that will work best for their students. One requires students to sell more and reach higher prize levels in exchange for a higher group profit. With the other, students don’t need to sell as much to earn sportswear, but the profit made off each brochure item sold is slightly less as well. Many groups do particularly well with sportswear as a fundraising incentive.

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High School Sports Teams

We have found that sportswear prize programs work particularly well with high school sports teams. Students involved with these types of groups seem willing to sell more brochure items than usual because the sportswear is directly related to what their group is about. It's common for sponsors of these groups to base their selling goal on one of the prize levels. For example, on travel days everyone can look the same and wear a customized polo shirt with their school name and colors. In addition, since we also put the group name underneath the school mascot, everyone will know what sport or group they represent. Sportswear prizes also work well with high school bands since they also travel and need to be well represented and color coordinated. As a result, these types of groups tend to be willing to sell more to receive a slightly higher profit.

How Motivated is Your Group?

If your group needs additional motivation to sell, perhaps lowering the prize levels in exchange for slightly less profit will work best. Sportswear prize programs typically have higher than average item levels compared to other types of prize programs so students need to sell more to reach them. This is offset by the fact that high school students consider sportswear more desirable than more traditional prizes programs.

We would caution any group not to get caught up with percent profit. For instance, you can receive a great profit, but end up not raising much money because you used a cheap prize program to motivate your group. In general, high school students are willing to work harder if the prize program is appealing. This is why many groups end up raising more money using sportswear as their prize program.

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