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Using Sporting Events for Discount Card Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Aug 21, 2014
Using Sporting Events for Discount Card Fundraisers

A guide to leveraging sporting events to sell discount cards

Maximum exposure usually translates into great sales results. It would be great to be able to get visibility for your discount card at an activity where there’s already going to be a large gathering of people. This way, instead of having to go out into the community to sell your cards, people can come to you.

Here are some ways that sporting events provide great venues for discount card fundraisers. But first, make sure you get your program approved for the event so you won't be infringing on another group. Plus, you wouldn’t want to have to compete for buyers anyway.

Use Public Address Announcements

Write out a short sales pitch for the announcer to use telling everyone about your discount card. Make sure the announcements mention some of the discounts, and that you're selling the cards at the event and where they can find you. Try to get the announcements made as often as possible.

Hand out Discount Card Promotion Flyers

Have your selling crew at the event early, so they can hand out any promotional flyers to everyone who comes to the event. The flyer should have an enlargement of the back of the card so that people can see the offers as well as the price and expiration date. It should also emphasize that a limited number of cards are available and that the discount cards will be available throughout the event, not just at halftime intermission.

Go Through the Crowd

Have some of your more enthusiastic sellers go through the crowd with discount cards to sell. Tell them to be considerate of those watching the event and to squat down while talking to someone so they don’t block anyone’s view. Make your members more easily recognizable by wearing the same color group uniform or t-shirt. You can even have your members stand out by wearing a unique colored hat, for example.

Set up a Sales Table

In addition to having some of your sellers work the crowd, arrange to also have at least one table set up in a strategic location where there will be lots of traffic. Make posters to help promote your fundraiser. Make sure that you're going to have enough sellers available to sell the cards and collect the money at your table.

Additional Selling Ideas:

  • If your event is a football or basketball game, consider arranging to purchase the game ball from the athletic department. Those purchasing cards would then be eligible to receive the game ball, perhaps autographed by members of the team. The discount cards can be numbered so the winning number can be announced.
  • Another idea is to offer a free dinner with the coach. Your organization would secure the cooperation of the coach and his or her spouse prior to the event. You would then award a free dinner for two for the winner and their spouse or friend. The winner would be drawn from those purchasing cards that evening. The coach would also get a free meal.
  • Finally, don’t forget to promote any prizes offered with the PA announcements as well as place this information on your promotional flyers and posters.

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