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Why Schools Avoid Additional Selling Incentives

By Clay Boggess on Sep 15, 2011
Why Schools Avoid Additional Selling Incentives

Why you may not be reaching your fundraising goals

Many of our elementary schools take advantage of our additional selling incentives and they end up reaping the financial benefits; however many groups don’t. So why wouldn’t these groups want to take advantage of incorporating them into their fundraiser?

It turns out that most groups want minimal work involvement. Many feel that it’s hard enough to simply run a basic sale as it is. Several groups end up declining because of the extra work involved. Others are fearful they won’t get a good return on their investment.

Therefore, people tend to look for a company that will tell them that they can still be successful with little to no work. Here are other reasons why schools avoid using additional selling incentives:

No Time to Promote our Fundraiser

Academics come first and even though they need the money, administrators are forced to make selling a low priority. People barely have enough time for a basic sale with so many other things going on. Just the thought of adding more things to the agenda is simply too much work. Plus, the students were excited at the kickoff and are probably already out selling anyway.

The Main Prize Program is Enough

Why include additional fundraiser incentives when the main prize program is enough? Many schools think this way. For years school groups have only used the company prize program to motivate their students. After all, they still bring in plenty of money, right?

We’ve Always Done it That Way

Many will say, “If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!” People are creatures of habit and don’t want to make things more complicated by changing their routine. After all, people have become very familiar with the process. Any change may cause people to ask questions.

No Extra Fundraising Help

Many schools only have one person who takes care of everything. Some schools may be lucky enough to have a couple of people. They can barely handle the basic essentials as it is, so to add more things to their plate would make things even more difficult and stressful.

Why should schools still consider implementing additional selling incentives? If sponsors are willing to see beyond the extra time requirement, they may discover that making more money in the end is actually worth it.

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