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School Fundraising: It’s Personal

By Clay Boggess on Jun 14, 2017
School Fundraising: It’s Personal

Learn about incentives that raise money and school spirit

School fundraising programs are most successful when they’re personal on the front end—that is, when students and parents show their unique passion for supporting education. But that’s not the only way that school fundraising can be uniquely tailored!

School fundraising programs across the nation elect to “get personal” through offering customized prizes that help build school spirit and allow students to show their pride. These prizes help maximize the sense of community fostered by school fundraisers, and will bolster school spirit all year long.

With attainable sales goals and fun rewards, these customizable prizes are fit to motivate your students to succeed.

Custom School Prizes

For many students, a t-shirt just isn’t enough; they want to wear their school pride on all their gear. That’s why Big Fundraising Ideas offers the Custom School Prizes program, where students can get cool school swag for selling as few as five items.

This prize program includes favorites like shirts and pens, but also offers Frisbees, headphones and backpacks in your school colors and customized with your school name. We’ve even gone a step further with custom prize programs for elementary and secondary schools to ensure every student has wearable gear to fit their style.

Wear Your Spirit

School fundraising programs aren’t exactly the stuff of teenage blockbusters (imagine John Cusack holding a fundraising brochure outside a window instead of a boombox), but that doesn’t mean they can’t earn you the kind of prizes that express sporty varsity style.

With hoodies, polos, gym bags and caps, wearing your school spirit has never been more official. With two options for item requirements and profit returns, these prizes offer flexibility for schools that either want to increase their share of profits or get more students engaged in fundraising through more accessible incentives. Make these items personal with your school name and colors in quality embroidered branding.

Show Your Spirit

For those students who are looking for a more “everyday” sense of school spirit, the Show Your Spirit prize program offers essentials like t-shirts and lunchboxes, personalized with your school’s name and colors for a practical sense of school spirit. This program is a favorite of elementary schools across the nation, offering a significant profit share and spirited prizes.

No matter what customizable prize program you choose, these exciting offerings are a fantastic way to get students energized about fundraising and even more engaged with school!


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