Custom School Prizes

With custom school prizes, students can win as many as 6 prizes for selling items out of their brochure. Prizes are personalized with your group name and colors.

  • All prizes are provided free of charge.
  • Each student receives a prize flyer.
  • Group receives 40% profit on all merchandise sold.

We offer 2 custom school prize programs:

Elementary School

Chalk Up Great Prizes includes a personalized flashing cap ring, frisbee, jumbo pen, headphones, spirit bear, spirit t-shirt and embroidered backpack that can be personalized with the student’s name. Students must sell 1 or more items to win a prize. All prize levels are cumulative.

Middle & High School

Prize Magic includes a customized frisbee, tumbler, t-shirt, bluetooth speaker, hoodie and a backpack with the students name on it. Anyone who sells 5 or more items wins a prize. Students who sell 60 or more items receives all 6 prizes.