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The Most Effective Way to Promote Your Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Jul 7, 2015
The Most Effective Way to Promote Your Fundraiser

How to properly promote your sale

The answer is more basic than you might think. And no, it’s not constantly talking to your students about your sale, although that’s definitely important. What we’re actually talking about here is focusing on another one of the five senses, vision.

That’s right, the most effective way to advertise your fundraiser is by showing it, not just talking about it. Students will believe it if they can see it and they’ll be more responsive as a result. The question however, is how can you achieve maximum benefit by visually promoting your sale?

Here are 2 ways that you can visually promote your fundraiser, and perhaps the best news is that you don’t have to pay for the advertising.

Display Your Fundraiser Incentives

Most school fundraising companies provide prize flyers inside their student fundraiser packets but they should provide additional flyers or posters so you can place them in strategic areas around your school.

Plus, many schools offer additional incentives, like a top seller award or prize drawing in order to encourage more selling. How would your students respond if you put the actual prize in your school display case for everyone to see every day? Take it a step further and bring it into the lunch room each day and remind your students how they can actually win it. The more they see your big prizes, the more they’re going to want to make sales.

Use Dynamic Fundraising Reminders

Instead of just reminding your students to sell, why not use a little creativity by actually rewarding them for selling during your fundraiser. You can use prize drawing coupons to give away special school privileges, like a no homework pass or free dress day. But here’s where the visualization comes in. You can use your morning announcements or lunchroom to reveal the winners.

And if the rest of your students can see those who are winning your in-sale incentives, perhaps they’ll become inspired to sell as well. In other words, if you’re able to do your morning announcements live, then everyone will get to witness it.

The bottom line is, take the time to show your students why your fundraiser is worth becoming involved in. Then nobody will want to miss out on the excitement.

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