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How to Get School Fundraiser Information to Your Parents

By Clay Boggess on Nov 17, 2018
How to Get School Fundraiser Information to Your Parents

Why your success is dependent on your parent letter

Getting your students to understand what your school fundraiser goals and expectations are is very important. They need to know things like how much they need to sell, who to sell to, how they can win prizes and when they need to turn in their order forms and money.

Making sure your parents understand this same fundraising information is just as important. After all, it’s usually the parents who ultimately decide if their child will participate or not.

One of the most important items that come home in your student packets is the parent letter.

What Makes the Parent Letter Crucial to Your Fundraiser

The parent letter is probably the most important tool that you have to educate your parents about the sale. It provides a summary of everything they’ll need to know to participate.

  • When students bring the packets home, it informs parents that your sale is starting today.
  • It provides them with instructions for taking orders and collecting money.
  • It makes the sponsors life easier by ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • It saves you from having to answer a lot of questions.

What Every Parent Letter Should Include

If your company doesn't already provide you with a parent letter, here are some things that you'll want to include in your own version:

  • What are you selling? Include a brief description of the brochure you're selling along with a pricing summary.
  • Why are you fundraising? State your purpose in a simple sentence.
  • Do people understand how to fill out the order form? Include instructions for completing the order form.
  • Will you be accepting checks? Make sure people know how checks will be handled and what organization name they should be made payable to.
  • How long will your sale last? Make sure you include a turn in date for your orders and money.
  • What do people do if they have a problem with their order after it arrives? Include information for reporting any missing or damaged merchandise.
  • What can the students win for participating in your program? Include information about your prize program.
  • Can out of town friends and family help? Include information about your company’s online store so your parents can pass along this information.
  • It's also a good idea to include the website address of the company so people can obtain additional information if needed.
  • Will your letter need to be translated into Spanish? Make sure to have someone who can translate your letter into Spanish and include it in the letter.

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