How One School Fundraiser Exceeds $90,000 Each Year

How one school went from $30,000 to over $90,000 in sales

This is not about reaching an idealistic goal, but rather a realistic one. Just think if every student participated in their school fundraiser. Sponsors would be amazed at how much money they made.

Take a look at the enrollment at a typical elementary school and you'll see what's possible. There’s one such school that we've been working with for many years. They've been successful at more than tripling their results from a modest $30,000 sale just a few years ago to over $90,000 today. And this isn’t just a one-time experience. They now exceed this lofty number every year. Here's how this school achieved their success.

They Have a Committed Fundraising Sponsor

This particular sponsor understands that she only has to commit to two full weeks out of the school year to get her students to sell. During this time she gives 110% to promoting her sale. Once the sale is over, she has no regrets because she knows that she did everything possible to bring in sales. She incorporates prize drawings every day for the entire two weeks. This way, she's not just announcing the sale and reminding her students to sell, but she also keeps them excited about the fundraiser from start to finish. When students see other students winning prizes and special privileges they want to be a part of the action as well.

She also makes a big deal out of her Student VIP Card. Students know they have to reach a higher prize level to get it, but she also promotes it to the point that students feel they’re missing out if they don’t get a card. They have what’s called ‘Student VIP Day’ once a month for the entire school year. This is where every student gets to exercise the privileges on the back of the card. The students get to participate in such activities as having a special lunch with the principal or sit wherever they want for the day. The sponsor is as excited as the students and she heavily promotes the benefits of becoming a ‘card-carrying member’.

The Big Event Super Party Upgrade

Not satisfied with a $30,000 fundraiser, she took our advice and switched from a traditional prize program to our Big Event Super Party. She was willing to try it because it looked exciting and believed that it would push more of her students to sell additional items. She was right because her sale increased by $15,000 after her first super party. And that was only the beginning.

Students Don't Want to Miss Out

One of the great things about a Big Event Fundraising Prize Program is if some students don’t participate the first time around, after seeing how much fun their peers have, they are motivated to become involved the following year. After all, most students want to have fun with their friends. This trend usually continues over time. This is one reason why this school exceeds their sales goals year after year. Everyone now wants to participate in this school fundraiser and this is why her sales are so good. The super party has become a yearly event that her students expect and look forward to.

The best thing of all is they only need to do one sale per year.

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