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School Brochure Fundraiser Qualities You Should Know About

By suresh.v on Apr 28, 2022
School Brochure Fundraiser Qualities You Should Know About

A helpful guide to your next brochure sale

School brochure fundraising has been around for years. While many groups continue to raise money using brochures faithfully, others prefer to use alternative methods like auction or carnival events. Schools that embrace the idea of selling out of a brochure have found them relatively easy to set up and run. Yet, some don’t care for the idea of students having to go out and making sales.

There may be schools that are considering a brochure sale but don’t know enough to make an informed decision. It’s the groups that are undecided that will probably want to know the pros and cons of school brochure fundraising.

Let’s consider 2 advantages:

Brochure Fundraisers are Simple to Implement

Consider all of the work that has to go into planning, setting up and running a school carnival. You need to recruit your volunteers and decide what events you want to have. And this is only the beginning because you still need to figure out how to put your plan into action. Also, have you factored in your startup costs? This will be important to know unless you’ll be able to get people to donate supplies.

A brochure program requires a limited amount of work because the company already provides everything needed to kick off the sale.

No Upfront Startup Cost

The company also takes care of providing all supplies and promotional materials up front at no charge. This would include:

  1. student fundraiser packets
  2. Promotional flyers
  3. Extra order forms
  4. Teacher envelopes
  5. Additional sales tools

Here are a couple of disadvantages:

Schools Make a Predetermined Profit

Most schools make about 40% of the total retail sales through a brochure fundraiser. Some groups want more profit. If you want to keep more of your total sales then you’re going to have to do the majority of the work.

A spaghetti dinner is a good example. You’ll need to assign people to shop for the food, do the cooking and the serving. However, unless you can get the food donated you’ll still need to cover the cost which will cut into your profit. Some groups are able to get a local restaurant to discount their cost per plate.

Brochure Fundraising can be Impersonal

Many schools feel that when they fundraise, they want to reach out to their community in a more personal way. This can be done by inviting families into the school for events like carnivals, auctions or dinners. This brings people together.

Some don’t like selling out of a brochure because it requires parents and students to go out into the community to bring in sales.

Some schools in lower socioeconomic communities have also found brochure items to be a little too expensive. If they do sell end up working with a company, they prefer to sell items more at the $1.00 price range. Selling candy bars may be a viable alternative for these schools.

Regardless of what you decide, it will be important to pick a fundraiser with the highest potential to bring in the most dollars.

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