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How to Ensure Safe Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Sep 21, 2012
How to Ensure Safe Fundraising

Simple ways to keep your fundraiser safe

Most elementary school students are enthusiastic about going out and selling once they've learned about the prize program at the kickoff assembly. After all, you understand that they are the engine that drives your sale and want them to be eager to push it.

At the same time, you don’t want to quench their desire to go out and sell, it's essential to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safe fundraising.

Safety should be your number one priority. Here are some important things that you’ll want to incorporate into your presentation.

Door-to-Door Selling

Door-to-door selling is strongly discouraged, especially when it is unsupervised. In fact, it's not even necessary. Students have a much greater chance of making sales to people that they already know. School fundraising companies should provide information about how to handle door-to-door selling in their parent letter. This should also be discussed during the kickoff as well as reinforced during the sale. Door-to-door selling should only be considered if children are accompanied by an adult.

High school sponsors are encouraged to have their students prepare prospecting lists so they can approach their most likely customers.

It Takes a Family

The most successful sellers are able to get family members to help them sell. For example, parents can take the brochure to work and ask their colleagues to buy from them. Furthermore, mom and dad aren’t the only ones who can do this. Older siblings and close by relatives may be willing to help as well.

Safe Fundraising Online

Students can work with their parents to register online and ask friends and family to buy from anywhere. Students receive prize credit while the school makes a profit. Plus, the potential for making online sales can be enhanced using social media. Posting information on Facebook or Twitter, will help spread the word. Parents should also be encouraged to oversee their student’s online selling efforts.

Safe fundraising is most important. It’s not just about making sales, but how sales are made. By encouraging your students to work smart as well as hard, you'll help ensure their safety and their success.

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