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How to Prepare for Your Super Party Event

How to Prepare for Your Super Party Event

Big Event Super Party Checklist

Our goal is for all of our big events to be exceptional in the eyes of your students. In fact, the more memorable it is, the more your students will talk about it to their peers. This will have a positive effect on future fundraisers as well.

There are some things that you’ll need to do to prepare for your super party event before your inflatable company shows up. For instance, will your gym be large enough for the inflatables or will your party need to be held outdoors? You can expect for some inflatables to be up to 24 feet high and as much as 72 feet long. Your goal is for your event to run smoothly and for your students to have a great experience.

Here are the steps to help you get ready:

1. Contact Your Volunteers:

  • All volunteers should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the super party. They will be asked to attend a brief inflatable safety presentation.
  • Obtaining volunteers is your group’s responsibility (at least 10-15 volunteers are required).

2. Locate Outlets:

Identify all available electrical outlets at the event location (Indoor events only).

3. Secure a Large Surface Area:

  • A surface at least the size of a typical school gymnasium is required. The location can be inside or outside, in a designated grassy area or a parking lot.
  • Have the area cleared and reserved at least 2 hours before the event. If a parking lot will be used, please make sure that everyone knows to park in an alternate location.

4. Plan for a Safe Event:

  • Review and enforce our safety rules.
  • No running allowed at any time.

5. Have Additional Supplies:

  • Many inflatable companies do not provide a money wheel.
    • If you are unable to provide your own, we suggest that you do something like Jump for George instead.
    • We recommend not setting up your money wheel or money machine until the end when you have your awards ceremony.
  • Please provide one table and a few chairs (The chairs are for the volunteers).
  • We recommend that you provide music at your party.

6. Promote Your Event:

  • Get your group excited by making periodic announcements before the show date.
  • Arrange to have someone at your super party from your local newspaper or TV station.
  • Take pictures during the event and create a display for all to see.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your event is over we’ll send you a feedback form to complete. If you submit a picture with your form we’ll feature it on our website. You’ll also receive a $50 online store gift card.

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What Our Customers Say


Our students really enjoyed the super party!

Yvonne Munoz
Vice Principal
Collins Primary

This is the best super party we have ever had! We had 456 students sell 12 items or more as our sales skyrocketed like never before. The students had a fantastic time with smiles on their faces. The super party was a great way to say thank you to the students and parents for all of their hard work on the sale.

Caryn Fox
Assistant Principal
Col. Santos Benavides School

Our students had a very good time and really enjoyed themselves! Great event!

Angie Ramirez
Kostoryz Elementary

The students enjoyed all the different rides and games. It was everything and more than the students could have anticipated! Great fun for 2 hours!

Mary Salas
Rio Hondo Intermediate

Everything was great! I feel that this type of party makes our fundraiser a success!

Sonia Longoria
Fundraising Chair
Leal Elementary

After experiencing the super splash party in the spring, we jumped at the chance to have a super party this fall! Our students had a blast at the super party as both parents and students have been supportive of our fundraising events!

Elizabeth Gongora
Le Noir Elementary

The super party was awesome. The students had a ball and they worked hard to get there. In fact, many of the staff members participated and I think they had more fun than the students. We would love to do this again. Thank you for showing our children the time of their life.

Wanda Clark
Williamson Elementary

Our students had a blast at the super party!

Elena Pena
Assistant Principal
Price Elementary

Everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously! The super party was extremely clean and exceptionally organized. I will definitely recommend this event to others!

Dixie Holt
PTA Fundraising Chairman
Crockett Middle School

Our students had a wonderful time at the super party!

Ruben De La Rosa
Assistant Principal
Lyford Elementary

It was so fun! And easy! The children had a fantastic time at the party! I wish y'all could have heard their screams of joy when they rounded the corner and saw all the bouncers and the slide! The inflatable company was fantastic! They were great at setting up and very friendly and accommodating!

Marilee Howard
PTO Vice President
Gresham Elementary

Big Fundraising Ideas is a wonderful company to work with! The students love the super party and look forward to it every year!

Valerie Layton
PTO President
Sinton Elementary

Our students had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously! Excellent event!

Raynaldo Perez
Archie Parr Elementary

Our students had a great time at the super party! The super party really motivates students to sell even during tough times.

Carmen Zavala
Villarreal Elementary

Everything ran smoothly and the children had a blast! The attractions at the super party were exciting for the students. I definitely recommend this program!

Jane Trevino
Assistant Principal
Ruiz Elementary