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2 Parent Fundraiser Incentives that can Boost Sales

By Clay Boggess on Oct 20, 2015
2 Parent Fundraiser Incentives that can Boost Sales

Simple ways to raise funds for your school's co-curricular activities

Everyone seems to focus primarily on their students when it comes to prizes, but forget that offering parent fundraiser incentives can make a difference as well. This is especially true with younger preschool and elementary students. Preschoolers are too young to understand how prize incentives work and thus these groups are especially dependent on parent involvement.

Parents of younger groups are the decision makers when it comes to determining whether or not to sell, so why not target your promotional efforts towards them?

As excited as your students become at your kickoff, they may encounter a major roadblock when they get home unless you find ways to get your parents interested. Some parents will become involved because they just want to help the school, while others respond because their children ask them to. Here are 2 parent fundraiser incentives that can help improve sales that your parents can get excited about.

1. Promote a Parent Night Out

Most parents of young children would love the opportunity to have a night out alone. This can also be cost-effective because you can use the school cafeteria or gym and have fun games and activities set up for the kids.

You can offer free childcare for everyone who reaches or exceeds their school fundraising goal. For those who fall short or choose not to participate, you can charge a small fee. This way you’re able to offer your parent night out to everyone.

2. Offer a Top Seller VIP Service Package

For the parent whose student sells the most you can offer a top seller VIP service package, where VIP stands for ‘very important parent’. You can recruit volunteers who can offer to perform certain chores around their house for a day. For example, you can mow their yard, do some basic landscaping, cleaning or painting. You can even expand this to include the top 5 sellers, for example.

As an alternative, give them the option of offering it to another family member or someone they feel might benefit from it, like an elderly neighbor or friend in need.

Both of these parent fundraiser incentives should not only encourage more selling but also demonstrate that you’re reaching out to your parents in unique and special ways.

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