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Improve School Fundraising Results Seller by Seller

By Clay Boggess on Feb 2, 2019
Improve School Fundraising Results Seller by Seller

Boost overall sales by improving student performance

Most of the time, schools focus on ways to increase sales at the macro level. In other words, how can we get our school to perform better? However, few have considered strategies that actually improve selling at the micro level. So what about individual seller performance?

Like anything else, understanding how school fundraising works at both macro and micro levels can make a big difference in your results. To take your sale to the next level you need to think about ways to get your group as a whole, as well as each student, sell more items.

So how should you think about increasing school fundraiser sales made at the individual student level? First of all, it's important to get your students thinking about their personal sales goal as quickly as possible. Do they want to be the top seller, or simply reach your individual seller goal? You should advise them to discuss their goal with their parents after looking over the prize brochure.

They can set their goal based on which prize they want to win and are willing to work for. A lot of students may not reach their goal; however they will probably sell more than they would have, even if they fall short. Remind them during your daily announcements about their own personal goals so they can remain focused on them. Here are still more ways that you can increase seller productivity:

Break the Sale Down into Smaller Short-Term Sales Goals

Let’s say a student decides that they select a prize that requires them to sell 60 items. On the surface, that number can seem overwhelming at first. However, if they're able to break that number down into smaller daily goals, 60 items becomes very obtainable. Since most school fundraisers last for 2 weeks, if they can commit to selling at least 4-5 items a day, they would reach, and even exceed their 60-item end goal.

Have Students Ask Family Members to Get Involved

The more successful sellers are able to recruit other people to help them sell. At your kickoff, you'll want to ask for a show of hands from those who plan to go home tonight and talk to mom and dad about taking their brochure to work. By raising their hands they are making a personal pledge to attempt to get other family members involved. Students can also ask, aunts and uncles, grandparents and older siblings to help. Perhaps mom could take the brochure one day, dad the next, and then grandma after that. This way, the work is being shared.

Offer Additional Fundraiser Incentives

It's one thing to reward sellers with prizes for selling after the sale is over. In this case, nothing can be done to further increase fundraising sales after the fact. However, what if you rewarded sellers during the sale for meeting short-term sales goals? This is where the use of additional incentives comes in. For instance, you can use prize drawing coupons to announce multiple winners each day. This will inspire more students to continue to work harder as they see others winning prizes.

We also encourage schools to spend time reviewing their sales reports year over year to see how their strategies are affecting student performance. For more information, see How School Fundraiser Analytics Improves Sales.

What other ideas have you found that increase individual student sales?

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