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Why High School Fundraising Sponsors are Essential

By Clay Boggess on Feb 20, 2015
Why High School Fundraising Sponsors are Essential

Why the group sponsor is vital to the sale

When it comes to high school fundraiser success, the person in charge of the group will have the greatest impact. That’s right, high school fundraising sponsors themselves have the most influence on their sales results. It’s not what they’re selling, how many students they have or even the type of group. Many sponsors spend the majority of their time focusing on less significant things like what type of product will best grab people’s attention, or how they should motivate their students to sell.

And while these things can make a difference, without an effective leader, the sale will most likely be doomed from the start. It’s unfortunate that, if asked what factors can positively affect sales, many sponsors wouldn’t even put themselves on the list. But in actuality, they need to realize that they are essential. So what makes high school fundraising sponsors so valuable?

Sponsors Play Multiple Roles

Sponsors need to understand that their role is multifaceted. They must provide clear direction to their students on what’s expected of them and then be able to inspire them to go out and make sales. For example, why should their students go out and make sales in the first place and how many items will they need to sell to be successful? They’ll have to know administrative things like when the money’s due and who checks should be written out to. And how will the sponsor be able to keep the students focused on selling after the first couple of days?

Good Leadership Earns Followers

Leadership is a big responsibility that takes work. Students are more likely to follow a good leader, and to be effective, sponsors have to be prepared to lead. For instance, what did they do to plan for their kickoff meeting and how will they encourage them to keep selling to the end? Sponsors should always look for ways to help make their students as productive as possible.

Sponsors Set the Fundraising Tone

High school fundraising sponsors will help determine their own outcome by creating and facilitating a successful selling mindset in their students. They expect their group to sell and are willing to hold them accountable to staying on task until the goal is reached.

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