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How Fundraiser Supply Kits Prepare You for Success

By Clay Boggess on Sep 15, 2015
How Fundraiser Supply Kits Prepare You for Success

An all in one sales success kit

Planning a sales campaign can be a difficult and tedious task. It’s hard enough to recruit the needed volunteers, decide on what to sell and schedule you kickoff date. When it comes to actually setting up and running your campaign, some schools are left to figure things out on their own. Experienced sponsors could get by if they had to, but new sponsors would probably need some direction.

For this reason many school catalog companies provide their groups with a systemized way to prepare for and run their sale. That’s where fundraiser supply kits can be beneficial to both new and experienced sponsors alike.

Here are a few things that a kit should contain and why they’re important.

A School Fundraising Flowchart

It helps to have a ‘lay of the land’ and to know what’s coming next. It’s like having a reference point with a ‘you are here’ indicator when you’re at the mall. The flowchart is an outline that provides you with a timeline of your most important events. For example, prior to your kickoff date you’ll need to be on the lookout for your fundraiser supply kit as well as your student information packets.

How to Prepare for Your Kickoff

Your fundraiser kickoff is probably the single most important promotional opportunity you’ll have to sell your students on why they should participate. So making sure you get it right is very important. From setting the right tone with music as students walk in to arranging to have the principal introduce your sale is vital if you want to establish credibility. What kind of sound equipment will you need and do you plan on showing a video?

A School Fundraising Guidebook

While the flowchart is a general outline that highlights your most important events, the school fundraising guidebook provides a more detailed explanation at each stage of your campaign. Having a resource at your disposal that explains everything you need to know about your fundraiser should be a must. Sure, you can always call the company whenever you have a question or issue but having something in writing whenever you need it can make all the difference in the world.

Additional Fundraiser Supplies

Your kit should also include additional supplies like prize program flyers that you can post in key areas around your school as well as extra order forms for students who fill up their first one. And to make your fundraiser delivery easier, you’ll want to be able have your orders already separated by seller as well as by teacher. That’s why classroom envelopes should also be provided. This will allow you to separate student orders into their respective classes.

And just as important, how will you get your order forms to the company for processing? The kit should also include a postage-paid mailing box so all you need to worry about is mailing it.

Finally, the first thing you should find when opening your fundraiser supply kit is a checklist of what you can expect to find inside.

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