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3 No-Cost Ways to Increase School Sales

By Clay Boggess on Mar 31, 2011
3 No-Cost Ways to Increase School Sales

How to raise more money without buying those expensive prizes

Doesn't it take money to make money? It stands to reason that if you offer bigger and better prizes, students will work harder for them.

However, spending extra money on prizes is easier for some elementary schools to afford than for others. What do you do if you don’t have any extra money in your budget to spend on additional incentives?

You can still succeed in incentivizing your students to sell more than they normally would without these motivators. You just need to be creative. Here are 3 ways that you can increase your school sales without spending any extra money.

1. Involve the Principal

Make it a priority to sell your cause to the principal and convince them to become a involved by:

  • Asking them if they would do the introductory speech at your kickoff. The students respect the principal and will likely take your fundraiser more seriously. Make sure they know the purpose and why it’s important to everyone to get involved. Make sure the principal ends the assembly with some closing remarks as well.
  • Involve the principal in your daily announcements. For instance, if you are incorporating prize drawing coupons, one of your incentives can be for the winners to have lunch with the principal. Have the principal describe to the students what this will entail.
  • Doing something crazy, outrageous or fun if the school reaches a higher money goal. A goal can also be set for individual students who would get to do something fun with, or to the principal. Some ideas include:
    • Kissing a pig, frog, goat or __________.
    • Coloring their hair some outrageous color.
    • Spending a day on the roof
    • Dressing up in a funny costume or wearing their pajamas to school.

2. Promote Your Fundraiser

Every successful sponsor understands the need to market their campaign to their students throughout their sale. They will even start talking about the sale before it starts. This is where you can talk about what’s going to be sold, introduce a few of the prizes and what the money will be used for. Some schools are able to introduce their sale to their parents at their ‘back to school night’.

During your sale use prize drawings where students can win special privileges like ‘Line Leader for the Day’, ‘Free Dress Day’ or a ‘No Homework Pass’ once they sell a certain number of items.

3. Offer Free Sales Motivators

Whoever said incentives had to cost money?

  • Incorporate a rewards party into your sale. You can have a DJ dance party for everyone who sells 10 or more items. Ask the principal to be the DJ.
  • Convince businesses to donate items like pizza for a party or actual prizes for top seller or grand prize drawings. Businesses will often do this because it’s good PR. It is not a bad idea to also tell a prospective business that you will talk about them to your parents and students.

You don’t have to spend money to further increase school sales. With a little extra work and creativity you can still exceed your goals.

What other no-cost ideas do you have that will increase sales?

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