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Why Discount Card Fundraisers are for Older Groups

By Clay Boggess on Jun 2, 2011
Why Discount Card Fundraisers are for Older Groups

Why high school students should be selling discount cards

Discount card fundraisers have worked well for a wide variety of groups, including high school bands, football programs and cheerleaders. They are simple for coordinators to handle and distribute, and are easy to sell because many people embrace the idea of saving money at establishments they already frequent anyway.

They have been tried in the elementary school market with poor to average sales results. This is unfortunate since elementary schools have to deal with much larger shipments, and discount cards are easy to deliver.

But since sales performance will always trump a stress-free delivery, elementary schools have, for the most part, abandoned the idea of selling discount cards. Discount cards therefore seem to work best with older high school groups. Why is that?

High School Market Opportunities

On average, elementary schools are able to reach more people and raise more money any other school group. This is due to many factors, including number of schools, enrollment size and student enthusiasm. Elementary schools have experienced their greatest success selling seasonal shoppers and cookie dough.

As a result, the market is more open to high school groups to sell other types of products so they don’t have to compete with the larger elementary schools.

Discount Cards Require a Sales Pitch

There's no easier sale than a sweet little child greeting their neighbor with their brochure. Not much needs to be explained. Unfortunately discount cards aren't so easy.

Unlike brochures that allow people to review the items being offered, discount cards require a little more selling. For example, we recommend sellers ask the customer to look over the card and find their three favorite businesses. Also, people may want to know how often they can use the card for each business as well as when it expires. Older students can be taught how to incorporate these types of selling strategies at their kickoff.

Ordering for High School Groups is Easier

School fundraising companies have tried integrating order forms into discount card sales. This would’ve made discount cards more manageable for larger groups, like elementary schools. In this case, the money would've been collected before the cards were shipped. However, placing preorders for cards just hasn’t work as well. Discount cards, like a candy bar fundraiser, sell better when students are able to show the actual card to potential customers.

Discount Card Fundraisers Require Tracking

Since discount cards sell better when students have them in their hands, it’s easier to manage and collect money from smaller high school groups. For this reason, we provide a tracking sheet to make the process simpler.

Discount cards can be an excellent fundraiser for the right type of group, as long as they are prepared and know what to expect.

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