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Can Green Fundraisers Compete?

By Clay Boggess on Mar 29, 2012
Can Green Fundraisers Compete?

Why Eco-friendly products can work for school groups

Green fundraisers may be great for the environment but historically they haven't yielded the results of other more common brochures like fall shoppers and cookie dough have. Yet, many groups are becoming more environmentally aware and health conscience. So they're attempting to offer the same when it comes to fundraising.

Some groups are taking the initiative by offering these types of programs. Others are being forced to look for alternatives to popular selling items like candy. This is the result of pressure being placed on school districts, district self-regulation or simply public pressure. Therefore, many schools now have no choice but to offer other options.

High School Fundraisers

High school groups seem to be embracing green fundraisers more than other groups. The reason is largely because they are more apt to choose a single-item brochure with a specific theme. Plus, high school groups usually prefer brochures that are easier to sell. Students have the opportunity to offer something unique that doesn't compete against other groups. One example of an environmentally green program that has caught on with smaller groups that's been embraced by some communities is flower bulbs. Property owners desire curb appeal and nothing provides that like flowers and plants, thus making this type of fundraiser extremely practical.

Non-Food Fundraising Alternatives

Other smaller groups like sports teams and cheerleader groups have also embraced non-food alternatives.

It appears that the smaller high school groups have embraced green fundraisers more so that other groups have. However, are they choosing these programs out of choice, or because they have to?

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