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Who Should Build Your Discount Card?

By Clay Boggess on May 23, 2014
Who Should Build Your Discount Card?

Learn about the 2 ways to build your discount card

Your group is considering a discount card fundraiser because you feel it’s a little different from the norm and should be easy to sell. Supporters would be more motivated to buy because they would get to save money while frequenting some of their favorite restaurants. However, you noticed pricing differences as you visited various product fundraiser company websites. You’re wondering why some cards are less expensive than others.

You’re seeing the price discrepancy because the companies that are advertising the lower pricing only print your card, they don’t actually build it. So what’s the difference? If you hire a company to simply do the printing, you’ll need to do the legwork and get the businesses to agree to be on the card yourself. On the other hand, if you’re willing to accept a little less profit, you can have the company do it for you. What should you do? Which method will work best for your group? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Only Pay to Print Your Discount Cards

Your cost is lower but as mentioned before, you’ll need to get your own businesses to agree to be on the back of your card. It’ll also be important to get each vendor to sign a 1 year agreement.


  1. Lower card cost means more potential profit for your group.
  2. Receive cards quickly once order is submitted.


  1. Requires securing your own vendors up front which can be time-consuming.

Using a Company-Built Discount Card

If you decide to have a company to do the work, they’ll design, build and print your cards for you. All you have to do is tell them what businesses you want them to contact. Oftentimes you can simply complete and submit a form.


  1. The company does the work of contacting and securing the businesses.
  2. Most groups still make 50% profit or more depending on how many cards are ordered.


  1. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to build a card properly because businesses need to be contacted one by one.
  2. You may receive less profit based on your card order as well as incur a higher minimum order requirement.

If you have a company build your card, be careful if they say that they can build it within a short period of time. Some companies pay for a database of businesses that have previously agreed to be on a list. The problem is the list may be outdated so unless they’ve been contacted recently, they may not be aware of the offer on your card. This can ultimately prevent the end user from getting the discount.

The other issue is that these companies may have sold another card with the same vendors in your area which can negatively affect your sales. Lastly, we recommend avoiding cards that require you to go online in order to get the discount. Most people prefer to use a physical card at the respective location.

There are no shortcuts to running an effective card program. Either take the time to build it yourself or hire a company to do it.

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