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Do a Brochure Fundraiser or Sell Candy Bars?

By Clay Boggess on Oct 28, 2010
Do a Brochure Fundraiser or Sell Candy Bars

Learn what type of sale is right for your school

Choosing the right type of sale for your group can be a daunting task considering there are so many types of fundraisers out there. There are many things to consider, like affordability, order processing and delivery.

Do you want to take orders out of a brochure, or order the product first and then sell it as your students collect the money? In other words, you must consider the pros and cons to each program to make sure it’s going to be the right fit.

If you’re undecided about whether you should do a brochure fundraiser or sell candy bars, perhaps the following information might help you decide:

1. How a Brochure Fundraiser Works

Each of your students receives a brochure. After showing the brochure to potential supporters, one or more items are selected and recorded on an order form. Money is usually collected by the group when the order is made. At the end of the sale, the order forms and money are returned to the sponsor who forwards them to the fundraising company. Once the order has been processed, it's then shipped to the school or directly to the seller’s home. The sellers then deliver the items to their supporters.


  • Receive exact number of items that are already paid for.
  • Items are prepacked by seller.
  • Prizes are offered to every student who participates.


  • Requires an additional step of delivering items to customers.
  • May require dealing with occasional broken or missing items.

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2. How a Candy Bar Sale Works

Groups place an initial order of candy bars based on how many sellers they have, on consignment. Once their shipment arrives, candy bar boxes are distributed to group members who then sell the candy bars directly to supporters. Funds are collected at the point of sale then turned into the sponsor. The average selling price is $1.00 to $2.00. Candy bars are very popular items that are able to be immediately enjoyed. They're often seen as an impulsive buy.


  • Only one contact with the purchaser is necessary to complete the sale.
  • They're affordable to most people.


  • If you order too much, you may be stuck with extra product.
  • Prizes are usually only offered to the top sellers.
  • Have to collect money after the product is distributed to sellers.

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