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How to Have Better Fundraisers Using the Principal

By Clay Boggess on Nov 17, 2015
How to Have Better Fundraisers Using the Principal

Simple ways school principals help raise more funds

You really don’t have to spend money to make money. In this case, we’re talking about having to purchase additional incentives that motivate students to sell more than they would with just the traditional prize program.

Sponsors who want better fundraisers understand that their students have to want to make sales. You can have the best brochure in the world, but if your sellers don’t really care for the prizes, they’re not going to show it to friends and family.

Most agree that additional motivators help maximize sales potential, so why not use incentives that won’t cost you any money?

Unfortunately many sponsors don’t take advantage of the potential prize resources that are right at their fingertips.

One such free incentive resource that you can incorporate into your fundraiser is involving your own principal. Here’s how the principal can help you experience better fundraisers.

Introduce your Fundraiser

Since you’ll want to set the tone with your students at your kickoff, asking the principal to introduce it should add credibility. It’s one thing to introduce your own program, but to have someone who has the respect of everyone involved, including the students is a plus.

You’ll want the principal to know certain things about your sale like the purpose, sales goal as well as when orders and money are due. Make sure that she emphasizes the importance of making sales every day. In addition, make sure the principal also wraps up the assembly with some powerful concluding remarks.

Perform Daily Reminders

Make sure to also get the principal involved with your daily announcements once your sale is under way. It may also be a good idea to create some important points that you’d like covered, or even scripts for her to read. Make sure you have something unique for her to talk about each day. Daily announcements become more powerful if you incorporate some sort of an activity. Many schools that we’ve worked with have had great success using our prize drawing game.

Become the Grand Prize at the End

This can make your fundraiser much more exciting to your students. You can ask the principal to do something fun and out of the ordinary if the entire school achieves a certain sales goal. By involving the principal you’re actually challenging your students to reach it.

Calculate your fundraising goal

Here are some ideas:

  • Duct-tape the principal to the Wall: Students who reach their individual goal receive a foot of duct tape.
  • Kiss an unusual animal: A fairly common example is to kiss a pig or…
  • Do something funny: Some examples might be to wear their pajamas to school, spend a day in jail, or a day the roof.

Whatever you decide, daily promoting it is crucial. It’s also very important to mention that if the goal isn’t reached, all bets are off and the principal is off the hook.

If you want the principal to become involved, it’s probably a good idea to arrange a meeting with her when you’re still in the planning stages. This way you can strategize your promotional efforts accordingly.

Better fundraisers are possible regardless of the types of incentives that you end up using, as long as your students are excited about them.

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