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5 Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Event Ideas

By Clay Boggess on Nov 6, 2021
5 Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Event Ideas

Create a memorable fundraising event with gift wrap this holiday season

It’s time to take advantage of some great Christmas fundraising ideas as we prepare for the holidays! Pour yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate, string up your Christmas lights, turn on some Jingle Bells to keep the stress away, and put the “fun” in fundraising.

Unfortunately, many PTOs are feeling the pressure of the holiday fundraising season more than usual. This past year has been tough for nonprofits and schools alike that rely on donations.

Charitable giving has dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic, with 75% of nonprofits reporting that COVID-19 has negatively impacted revenues and fundraising. In addition, experts project that schools will be underfunded by $12K per pupil over five years due to the recession.

Because nearly 1/3 of annual giving happens in December, holiday fundraising can be critical to addressing a serious revenue gap.

Organizing unique, memorable school fundraisers is more important than ever to ensure that our kids get the best education and extracurricular experiences possible. By implementing one of these wrapping paper fundraiser event ideas, you can help your students get the supplies, equipment, and enrichment activities that they need to thrive.

1. Gift Wrapping Party and Raffle

Everyone will want to buy wrapping paper for Christmas so they can be a part of the school’s gift wrap party. Even better, include a wrapping paper raffle at the event. A generous parent or the PTO collectively can create a gift basket with high-ticket items from the fundraising brochure, and attendees pay $5 per ticket to enter the raffle. This makes promoting your wrapping paper school fundraiser easy and exciting.

2. Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Who doesn’t envy a talented gift wrapper? Raise money for your school while teaching the coveted skill of gift wrapping. For a COVID safe option that also allows grandparents across the country to participate, host the tutorial on Zoom. Charge a reasonable donation for attendance and highlight wrapping paper products for sale to maximize revenue.

Learn about online Christmas fundraising ideas for school groups.

3. Classroom Holiday Party

Is your grade already planning a classroom holiday party? Display the beautiful gift wrap for sale by using it in a homemade party decoration. Create a budget-friendly photo backdrop or turn an ordinary door or table into an extraordinary present by using wrapping paper and bows. You can even create giant peppermint sticks with empty wrapping paper tubes by ornamenting them with red electrical tape.

4. School Math Day

Promote math skills, school spirit, and fundraising involvement with a school-wide holiday math event. STEM teachers can write engaging math questions related for each grade level on topics like calculating the cost of a roll of wrapping paper or the number of wrapping paper sales. Get students excited by offering a prize for students with the best scores.

5. Gift Wrapping Service

School groups can multiply their wrapping paper sales by offering a gift-wrapping service. Reserve the gym for a few afternoons after supporters receive their wrapping paper deliveries. Parents, teachers, and community members can bring their wrapping paper and gifts to be prepared by volunteers in exchange for a donation. Alternatively, set up a booth at a holiday craft fair and supply both the wrapping paper and gift-wrapping skills.


Don’t settle for “good enough” school Christmas fundraising ideas. Peruse our library of fundraising resources to organize an amazing program, such as ways to inspire student engagement in fundraising or ways to improve sales with student incentives.

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