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3 Ideas That Will Transform Your Fundraiser Kickoff

By Clay Boggess on May 19, 2015
3 Ideas That Will Transform Your Fundraiser Kickoff

Simple ways to raise more money by transforming your kickoff meeting

You’re optimistic about your upcoming sale because you believe your community will like your fundraising brochure. Furthermore, you feel that your students will want to show the brochure to friends and family because of the prize program.

So what’s missing? The most critical period for any sales campaign is the kickoff. This is where you have the opportunity to sell your program to your students. It’s important because you need to establish initial sales momentum.

Yet the fundraiser kickoff is not just about what you say, but how you say it. In other words, unless you effectively communicate your objectives with your sellers, your sale will never reach its full potential.

Thus, here are 3 ideas that you should consider using that could transform your meeting with your students.

1. Set the Tone for Your Kickoff with Music

You’ll never be able to make a second first impression. The goal of any elementary school kickoff is to generate as much enthusiasm for your campaign as possible. Nothing sets a more exciting tone than to have music playing as your students are walking into the assembly.

Make sure to fade the music out once your presenter is at the podium and ready to go. And make sure to start the music back up as the students are walking out at the end of the assembly. This method will signal to the students when to stop talking and when it’s ok to resume.

It’s important to select music that your students will enjoy; however make sure that you’re careful about the lyrics. You can do this by choosing radio-edited music.

2. Conceal Your Big Prizes Until the End

What do students get the most excited about at a fundraiser kickoff? It’s the prizes. Plenty of schools will let the students see the prizes as they’re walking into the assembly. This is fine; however if you do that, you’re not allowing for the suspense to build throughout the assembly.

A more effective approach is to allow the anticipation and enthusiasm to intensify. Nothing does that better than making your students wait to see what they really came for. We recommend covering up the prizes with a bed sheet or blanket. Everyone’s going to want to know what’s underneath.

3. Have the Principal Introduce Your Fundraiser

Establish credibility with your students by having your principal introduce the sale, and then close it out at the end. You can ask them to briefly discuss the reason for the sale as well as the importance of student participation. They can then introduce you so you can explain the specifics of the sale.

By performing these 3 things at your fundraiser kickoff, you’ll help establish not only the importance of your sale but also create a real enthusiasm for selling.

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