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Increase Teacher Involvement in School Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Apr 12, 2012
Increase Teacher Involvement in School Fundraisers

How to turn your teachers into fundraising advocates

Many sponsors focus solely on motivating their students to become involved when it comes to raising money. Both the kickoff assembly and prize programs are geared towards the students. Unfortunately, many overlook the value that teachers can bring to a sales project. Your teachers can actually be an important ally when it comes to helping bring in sales for elementary school fundraisers.

However, teacher plates are already full with other obligations and thus their time is limited. So what simple and easy steps can you implement to encourage them to help you increase student involvement? Here are some important points that you’ll want to emphasize with your teachers.

Explain the Benefits of your Fundraiser

Attempt to have a short meeting with the teachers prior to your kickoff to discuss the purpose of the sale and how it will benefit them. You can make arrangements with the principal to have a couple of minutes during a teacher meeting or arrange a special time before or after school. It would also add a nice touch to bring treats and a beverage. For example, if you're selling cookie dough, be creative by baking the cookies so the teachers can try them. This not only shows appreciation for their time but it also gets them to become sales advocates. Asking your teachers to attend your kickoff assembly will also be important.

Minimal Teacher Time Required

Let your teachers know that the biggest thing they can do during the sale is to daily remind their students to sell. Some teachers will choose to do more on their own, while others will also buy from their students.

Offer Teacher Fundraising Incentives

During your teacher meeting you can inform your teachers that you will provide special teacher incentives. Many teachers are motivated by incentives and may be willing to become more involved if they know they may be receiving something in return. For instance, you can do one of the following:

  1. Offer an incentive to the top 5 teachers whose classrooms sell the most.
  2. Reward the teacher in each grade with the highest student participation rate.

Show Teacher Appreciation for Helping

Most teachers are supportive of school fundraisers and understand how they benefit the students and the school.

Successful teacher involvement can make a big difference when it comes to reaching your goals, and may be easier to accomplish than you think.

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