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Scratch Card Fundraising Steps to Success

By Clay Boggess on Mar 15, 2012
Scratch Card Fundraising Steps to Success

How to put your scratch card fundraiser to work

Groups are constantly looking new ways to raise money. Since there are a lot of “me too” products out there, the problem is finding something that’s unique but still effective.

Scratch card fundraising is not done by many groups, yet it can be a quick and easy way to raise money. The concept is different because students are using their scratch card to collect donations instead of selling an actual product.

Therefore, ensuring that everyone understands the process is important, especially if this is your first time. If you’re contemplating a scratch card fundraiser, here are some things to consider:

Receive Scratch Card Fundraising Supplies

  1. Sponsors receive two participation letters with their order. Sponsors are initially instructed to make copies and hand out the first letter to their sellers. The second letter is handed out just prior to the end.
  2. Sellers receive a scratch card with coupons and a money collection envelope.

The Scratch Card Selling Process

  1. Once sellers has received their supplies, they ask for donations.
  2. Supporters scratch, donate and receive a savings coupon sheet. By scratching one or more dots, they donate the total amount that's uncovered. As a thank you, supporters receive a money-saving coupon sheet.
  3. Just before the end, the second letter informs sellers to turn in their scratch cards and money collection envelopes.

Scratch Card Sales Tips

  • Establish a start and end date for your sale. Scratch card fundraising should not take more than about a week to complete.
  • Ask participants to encourage people to scratch more than one dot. Every time they scratch and donate, they receive another coupon sheet.
  • Make sure that they introduce themselves by telling potential supporters why they are raising money.
  • Remind your sellers to smile and say ‘thank you’ regardless of whether someone chooses to donate or not.
  • Offer an additional incentive for the first ___ sellers to turn in their completed scratch card and money envelope.
  • Periodically remind everyone to keep up with their selling.
  • Make sure that participants turn in their completed card and money envelope prior to issuing them a second scratch card.
  • If you choose to accept checks, make sure that they are written out to your organization.
  • Remind your sellers that each scratch card has the potential to raise $100 once all of the dots are scratched.
  • It is recommended that you assign two money turn-in dates during your sale to make collection easier. You will receive a participation form that you can use to keep track of money that has been collected for each seller and what amount is still outstanding. Have each seller put their name phone number and email address on the form before handing them their scratch card.

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