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Ensure Successful Fundraising with a Good Kickoff

By Clay Boggess on Dec 10, 2013
Ensure Successful Fundraising with a Good Kickoff

Why your kickoff meeting is key to establishing sales momentum

Everyone wants to have a successful sale; however many are unable to identify what they have to do to reach their goal. Some sponsors feel that their sale will go well if they offer a great brochure to their supporters. Or, if they can only find a great prize program to motivate their students to sell more items.

While these things can make a difference, the most important thing sponsors can do to ensure a positive outcome is to effectively promote their sale. And the kickoff is probably the most important promotional opportunity that they have.

Here are some reasons why successful fundraising depends on a good kickoff.

You Have to Sell Your Fundraiser

The fundraiser kickoff is where you have to make your case to your students. Why should they become involved? How are they going to benefit from the money that is earned? What do students get in exchange for selling?

You Need to Generate Sales Momentum

To reach your goal you need to create momentum and enthusiasm for your sale and the best way to do that is at the kickoff. If you can get your students motivated, they will become the engine that drives your fundraiser.

Student Enthusiasm is Contagious

Students who see other students who are excited will want to join in as well. Having a school wide kickoff where all of your students are in the room together helps generate enthusiasm.

Your Students Need a Fundraiser Roadmap

Students need to know what’s going to be expected of them. How long will the sale last and what do parents need to know? What do your students need to do to win prizes? These are the types of questions that need to be addressed at your kickoff presentation.

Once you’ve established a solid foundation for your fundraiser at the kickoff, you’ll need to work hard to maintain the momentum throughout your sale.

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