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Why Sports Fundraisers Use Sportswear Incentives

By Clay Boggess on Dec 30, 2010
Why Sports Fundraisers Use Sportswear Incentives

Simple ways to boost your sports team sale using sportswear

Many high school students have grown skeptical of the average prize program. The prizes are cheap and they’re really designed for the younger audiences. Older sellers also feel that to reach the more appealing prize levels is unrealistic.

As a result, students pay little to no attention to them. These prize programs simply don’t motivate older students to sell. Is there a better solution? Several organizations have found success with alternative types of motivators and athletic groups is one of them.

Here are 3 reasons why sports fundraisers use sportswear incentives to motivate teams to reach and even exceed their goals:

1. Sportswear Fundraiser Incentives Adds Value

Student athletes are receiving something of value that is directly related to their team. For example, they consider a team sweatshirt more valuable than winning a meaningless prize.

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2. Team Embroidered Sportswear Enhances Unity

A smart coach will see a sportswear prize program as an opportunity to use it to promote team unity. For instance, a common seller goal can be set for everyone. The coach will ask each player to sell a certain number of items in order to win to the polo shirt, for example. They may decide to have each team member wear it whenever they travel. Everyone on the team will therefore be obligated to sell enough items to win the polo shirt. The option is to be the only teammate without it. Knowing that others teammates will be wearing it motivates everyone to work harder.

3. The Quality of Sportswear Justifies Higher Goals

Generally, students will need to sell more to reach the more meaningful sportswear prize levels. By knowing how many items it will take to reach polo shirt level, the coach can set a higher fundraising goal. Sportswear offers higher intrinsic and extrinsic value to the students. Students are more apt to work harder for something team-related because the team is a part of their athletic identity.

All coaches who need to do sports fundraisers should consider using sportswear incentives.

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