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3 Steps to a Smooth Fundraiser Delivery

By Clay Boggess on Jan 24, 2013
3 Steps to a Smooth Fundraiser Delivery

A guide to a trouble-free fundraising delivery

Most sponsors don’t really think about their delivery until they get closer to the end of their sale. Assuming that school fundraising companies do their job correctly, is there any reason to plan ahead? Orders are packed and scanned for accuracy multiple times before the orders are sealed. Boxes are placed on a pallet and shrink-wrapped together to help keep the order safe and secure. Every box has a student label on the outside with paperwork on the inside verifying that the order is correct.

If the shipper does their job, everything will have gone smoothly, right? The short answer is yes. Here are some additional things that sponsors can do on their end to ensure a smooth fundraiser delivery.

1. Start Your Fundraiser Early

Most companies keep a certain amount of seasonal inventory in stock. Their goal is to deplete their inventory to make room for the following season. For example, if you use a spring brochure, in order to make room for the upcoming fall product line, they will want to run out of spring items at some point. Ideally, they don’t want to run low on inventory until the end of the season. Once certain products start running low, companies attempt to reorder or, if the product is no longer available, substitute it with something comparable.

Since most groups don’t want to deal with additional deliveries caused by backorders or substitutions, our advice is to run your sale early in the season while there is plenty of inventory.

2. Establish Communication with Parents

How well informed will your parents be about the various steps of your campaign? They will need to know answers to questions like:

  • Who do supporters write checks out to?
  • When is the money due?
  • How can they sell online?
  • When will they receive their order?

Like with anything else, effective communication between you and your parents is important. When it comes to your delivery, you will want to inform your parents in advance so they can plan to be at the school to help pick up their student’s order. Your primary goal is to distribute as many boxes as possible on the day of your delivery. This way, you won't have to store unclaimed boxes.

3. Plan for Delivery Volunteers

Don’t think you can do it alone. Make sure and arrange for help and provide people with enough notice to make plans to help sort and distribute boxes. The more volunteers you can recruit, the faster and easier your delivery and distribution will be.

Experiencing a smooth fundraiser delivery requires planning, coordinating and execution, and not just by the company.

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