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How to Select the Best Fundraiser Brochure Possible

By Clay Boggess on Oct 20, 2014
How to Select the Best Fundraiser Brochure Possible

How to find a fundraiser your community will embrace

Selecting the best fundraiser brochure for your group means selling something that people in your community will not just support once, but repeatedly over time. There is nothing better for an organization to be able to experience than to have people ask when they will have their next annual pie sale, for example.

In order to choose a brochure that people will look forward to buying out of, it’s important to find something that’s unique to your area that you feel will be in demand. To accomplish this, you may need to simply ask around. And once you’ve established an effective niche, expect the sales to follow.

Here are 2 things you should consider when picking a brochure:

1. Ask for Feedback on Possible Sales Brochures

Don’t assume that just because you like a brochure that everyone else will too. Take a survey and find out what people want. Do they want to keep selling the same brochure? Or perhaps they may want to try something different like frozen food, jewelry or cookie dough. Make it easier for people by providing them with options for them to choose from. Allow them to also make suggestions that are not on your list. You'll want to gather opinions from the teachers and staff, as well as your parents.

The more people you can gather feedback from, the closer you'll be to picking the best possible brochure. Once you've compiled your results, you'll see the type of brochure that comes up most often. You may not be able to please everyone, but at least you can sell something that many people can embrace. Plus, you are involving others in the process, and when they feel a part, they'll be more apt to support it. At the very least, you're making them aware of your upcoming fundraiser.

2. Be Aware of How to Run Your Brochure Fundraiser

If you're thinking about selling frozen food or cookie dough, will you be able to find freezer space for unclaimed orders? The point is, make sure you don't just pick a brochure that people are interested in selling. There are other things that need to be considered, like delivery and handling requirements. Schools that are successful at selling frozen food or cookie dough also understand the importance of communicating with their parents about picking up their orders on delivery day. They have a contingency plan in place for people who don’t pick up their orders right away.

On the other hand, selling discount cards doesn’t require any special delivery accommodations. This makes them a convenient option for many groups. On the other hand, high school groups have experienced more success selling discount cards than elementary schools have. As a result, pick a brochure or product that will make your fundraiser both profitable and easy to run.

Once you've made your selection, make sure you do everything possible to promote it. Get others to talk about your program to help spread the word. One idea is to find some unique and special items in your brochure and build excitement about them. For example, if your brochure offers high quality stainless steel kitchenware or customizable designer bags, make sure that people know about it.

Finding the best school fundraiser brochure to sell will help make your sale successful, not just because people will support it, but you'll be ready to handle it as well.

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