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How One Principal Makes Her Super Party a Success

By Clay Boggess on Jun 23, 2011
How One Principal Makes Her Super Party a Success

Why one school only needs one big fundraiser every year

Schools that use our Big Event Super Party prize program as their fundraising incentive typically experience higher sales than those who use traditional prize programs. They understand the value that it brings to their school. Their students are more motivated to sell out of their brochure because they'll be going to an exciting event with their friends.

While our big event fundraising prize programs have been used for years, our most successful schools understand the importance of planning for their event before it happens. We recently spoke with one principal who offered to share a couple of letters that she uses to prepare her parents and staff for the event.

After years of offering the party as her reward to her sellers, her sales are now approaching $100,000 per fundraiser.

Super Party Parent Information Letter

“Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have a few schedule changes on Friday due to our super party. In order to have qualified to attend the event, your child had to sell at least 8 items. Please note the information below:

  1. Students must wear tennis shoes and may come in shorts that are at least mid-thigh length. If your child is in 3rd – 5th grade and wears shorts shorter than this length, parents will be contacted for a change of clothes. If parents are unable to bring a change of clothes, the child will not be permitted to participate.
  2. Sunscreen is recommended. Sunscreen must be placed on your child at home; school personnel may not place sunscreen on students.
  3. Our event ends at 2:30; therefore, students will return to their homeroom before dismissal.
  4. P.E. and lunch schedules have been altered on this day to allow all who qualify to participate in this event. Your child’s P.E. time will be from _______-________; and your child will be eating lunch from _______-________ in the classroom.
  5. If your child did not qualify to go to the event, the P.E. and lunch schedule are still in effect. Your child will remain in his/her classroom or assigned classroom within the grade level and will participate in station activities. We want this to be a FUN DAY for all!!

We are looking forward to celebrating their success in participation of the school fundraiser. Parent volunteers are welcome; you must have cleared our school district background check; so please contact _______________.”

Preparing Teachers for the Party

“Attached you will find the letter that is to go home to parents no later than Wednesday, the schedule changes for this day, the number of participants attending/not attending as well as volunteers, and “Safety Rule Requirements” for this event. Teachers will also be receiving the list of grade level students that will be participating so the correct bracelet can be given to the child. Below are a few items to keep in mind so everyone is prepared:

  1. Review all information in packet so you're informed about the day’s events.
  2. Teachers must pick up bracelets from ___________ on Thursday.
  3. Teachers are to distribute bracelets to students by 12:15 p.m. Please verify students receive the appropriate bracelet by reviewing your student list.
  4. The party will begin promptly at 12:30 p.m. Teachers assigned to students participating are to report to activity with grade level posted on it. Every 15 minutes a whistle will sound to move clockwise to the next activity.
  5. Volunteers must report to event no later than 12:15 for a safety briefing and responsibilities/duties.
  6. The event will end at 2:30 p.m. with all gathering under the pavilion for a special ceremony and money machine.
  7. After the ceremony, students must be walked to homeroom classrooms for dismissal.”

Her expectations are clearly spelled out so everyone knows what to expect. As a result, her party always runs smoothly and ends up creating lots of fun memories for her students, parents and staff. However, the ultimate payoff is her school only needs to do one fundraiser a year. Now that makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

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