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How to Turn School Fundraisers into Community Events

By Clay Boggess on Jul 21, 2018
How to Turn School Fundraisers into Community Events

Learn how to take your fundraiser to your community

You'll want to ensure that as many people know about your school fundraiser as possible, both inside and outside your organization, if you want it to really succeed. You can promote your sale to your students through daily announcements, video reminders and by posting your prize program flyers around your facility. Your parents can be informed through your parent information letter as well as by occasional notes that go home during the sale. Social media and online selling can help reach an even larger audience.

Here are some additional ways that you can promote your fundraising event:

Incorporate Physical Advertising

Make sure people can at least read about your sale, especially in high traffic areas.

  • Use your marquee to advertise your campaign so everyone that drives by can see it. The marquee can also be used as an additional reminder to inform everyone when they'll need to turn in their money and order forms. Make sure it's updated regularly. And be creative with the wording.
  • Make fundraising signs and place them in the front of the school or in a place where your parents pick up their children each day.

Leverage Multiple Forms of Media

Reach diverse groups by using multiple forms of media. This will help ensure that you connect with people’s preferred media source.

  • If you have a newsletter, put your information in your newsletter. Make sure to make it brief, yet exciting and informative.
  • Spread the word about your fundraiser using Facebook and Twitter and ask others to do the same.
  • If you have a website, use it to inform people as well.
  • Send home periodic reminders.

Utilize Exciting Fundraiser Promotions

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. This will make your program really stand out.

  • If you're incorporating a special event, like a big event as a reward for selling, or the principal agrees to do something fun if the school reaches a certain goal then have the newspaper or local television station out to the event. Make sure that you advertise to your students that you plan to do this ahead of time. This may help with future fundraising as well.
  • If your school district has an ‘automated phone calling’ system, incorporate it to remind parents about selling as well as when money and order forms will be due.
  • Include additional incentives in your announcements to help keep your students engaged.

Remember, the larger your customer base, the more sales you’ll make.

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